Dogs also like to splash around: swimming fun with Corgi Dexter

When a cute dog like Dexter splashes in the water for the first time, it's not just a pleasure for him. The viewers will also get their money's worth with this cute video. In this sense: water march!

Oh, what great owners this happy corgi has. After an exhausting hot day, you can even let him bathe in the paddling pool and be rewarded with an enchanting sight: The cute dog from Great Britain is great fun and cannot get enough of the water.

Dexter is a Welsh Corgi Pembroke, and as this video shows, it's not just the appearance of this breed that amuses. Especially the young animals seem to come up with a lot to make their masters laugh. The intelligent, robust animals are also considered ideal children's dogs and are sure to be won over by a tour to the swimming lake.

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