"Dog View": Google shows Japan from the perspective of a dog

Google keeps coming up with new things for its Street View offer. This time, the company came up with an animal idea to show the Japanese town of Ōdate in 360-degree images. It relied on the help of dogs.

Hachikō is the epitome of loyalty. A statue of the four-legged friend can be found in Shibuya in Tokyo - Image: Shutterstock / Chester77

For Street View, Google not only captures interesting places in the world, but also uses a variety of methods - for example, for taking pictures of the Japanese city Ōdate. There Google sent Japan instead of the usual camera vehicles, two dogs on trips.

Equipped with cameras, the four-legged friends crossed the city and took diligent pictures - for example of a snow-covered mountain path, an outdoor foot bath or the Roken shrine. The pictures from the dog's perspective are appropriately titled "Dog View".

Incidentally, the two animal city guides are called Ako and Asuka. The fluffy four-legged friends belong to the Akita dog breed. This is particularly popular in Japan. The best known representative of its kind is Hachikō.

The dog lived in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century and is considered the epitome of loyalty. It is said that he picked up his owner from work every day at Shibuya station in Tokyo - even nine years after his death. The history of Hachikō has already served as a model for films. Today there is a statue in honor of the dog at the train station.

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