Nose work with the dog: exercises for at home

Nose work is one of the favorite activities of every dog. As a dog owner, you will always give your four-legged friend immense pleasure when you challenge him and his impressive olfactory organ. Here you will find exciting nose exercises for at home. Every dog ​​likes to use its special olfactory talents - Shutterstock / Shanta Giddens

Nose work is ideally suited to utilize a dog appropriately. The fur nose trains itself both physically and mentally. Exercises for nose work are also ideal for dogs that can no longer be motivated with treats: The fact that they first have to work out the tasty reward makes them attractive again.

In order to properly train the nose work with your four-legged friend, you can attend introductory courses on tracking, target search or mantrailing. But nose work does not only have to take place in the forest and meadow - you can also do some great exercises with your dog in your home.

Sniff what it takes: the search classic

The search for dog food is both the basis of many exercises for nose work and a game whose level of difficulty can be increased almost infinitely. To begin with, take a treat or toy and hide it in a corner of the room, visible to the dog. After you say "Search!" your four-legged friend will have the object in his mouth soon after. For advanced sniffers, you can hide the treats or toys, for example, in another, initially invisible room or in containers that your dog has to open first, thus increasing the difficulty even further.

On the trail of food: reading tracks at home

While your dog can chase human tracks outside through the fields and corridors, he is somewhat more restricted in the home. But there are also some exercises for indoors, in which your four-legged friend can follow exciting tracks. At home, just drag a piece of sausage across the floor and make a trace. Your dog is now allowed to start looking from the beginning of the track and expects a piece of sausage as a reward. Attention: If you have only laid carpet in your apartment, you should refrain from this exercise!

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Tasty nose work: the laundry basket game

For the laundry basket game, you need a laundry basket that is as completely closed as possible, several plastic balls and / or empty toilet paper rolls. Put everything in a laundry basket, add dry food or treats and mix everything well. Your dog can then use it to work in the nose to get the goodies.

Exercise with brains: the mug game

Like a professional cone player, your dog must find a treat under several yoghurt cups while playing the cup. Simply place a few washed yogurt cups upside down on the floor and hide a treat under one of the cups. Your dog must now sniff under which the food is hidden without knocking over all the cups. As soon as he shows the right mug - for example by barking or sitting down - the sniffed treat is rewarded.

Sophisticated sniffing task: teabag search

If your four-legged friend is to learn to track down certain, changing smells, tea bags are suitable as a training object: they have a strong smell of their own, are available in many different smell variants and are very easy to use.

Similar to the search for food, you can lay out the teabag more openly and later hide it. Of course, a lot of praise and rewards are very important as soon as your fur nose has found what you are looking for. Later increase the level of difficulty by hiding different tea bags in the apartment. The type that should be found during the exercise by nose work, give your dog a smell test. Only when the right pouch has been found will there be treats or other rewards.

Tip: If you put the tea bag in a small plastic bag, it will last longer. Dogs can easily sniff the tea through the packaging.

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