Unusual friendships: a chick rarely comes alone

Such a little fluffy chick is extremely charming! Even dogs and cats don't seem to be able to deny that. Bussi on the head! Friendship between chick and cat - Image: Shutterstock / Vinogradov Illya

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  • 10-09-2013 22:09:38

    adalbertwoh: no bad breath report abuse
  • 10-09-2013 22:09:37

    adalbertwoh: look this is LOVE report abuse
  • 10-09-2013 22:09:10

    adalbertwoh: animals better than humans report abuse
  • 25-08-2013 09:08:16

    pocahontas7773: Sweet pictures Report abuse
  • 23-07-2013 23:07:21

    gordanabalac9: They are clearly irrelevant, they are helpless, he strong, both harmless, the proximity is good anyway! Report abuse
  • 23-07-2013 23:07:09

    gordanabalac9: a very loving forehead report abuse

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