"Mommy! Leave that!" - Baby hangover Rocky is annoyed by cat washing

The Scottish fold cat lady Coco is very neat and of course she also wants to give this to her baby kittens on the way. In this video, mini-cat Rocky gets an introduction to cat washing à la mom. However, the cat does not seem to be very enthusiastic about the lesson.

In the beginning little Rocky endured when Mama Coco lovingly but definitely licked his chest and front paws. At some point it will be good. "Mommy, leave it alone! I can do that alone," the Scottish-Fold-Kitten seems to want to say. And how to prove it to his mother, Rocky starts a few awkward attempts to wash herself.

Cat Coco does not seem to be convinced of the son's ability and takes care of himself again. However, only under protest from the Mini-Hangover. But there is no resentment and no paw paws and no muzzling: The cat wash is only over when mom says so.

Rocky submits to his fate. The fun of nibbling his mom's ear in between is not to be taken away. After all, grooming the baby cat should also be a bit of a pleasure.

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