Tips for beautiful dog fur: treatment for dandruff

Tips for beautiful dog fur: treatment for dandruff

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The treatment of dandruff in dogs varies depending on the cause of the skin problem. In the case of heavy infestation, you should first consult a veterinarian to discuss the appropriate method with him. If your dog has dandruff, there are several methods of treatment. One of them: brushes, brushes, brushes.

Your dog has only slight dandruff, apart from that his fur looks healthy and you cannot find any other symptoms of illness? Then you can try it with a little extra care.

Brushing can help with mild dandruff

For dogs with scales, brushing, brushing, brushing is the first step. It is good if you use a beautiful natural brush, for example with boar bristles. It is best to use gentle, massaging movements when brushing, without pressing too hard. Most dogs like this and it also stimulates the blood circulation in the skin - an important prerequisite for their health. With the care units, you also ensure that dead skin particles and loose hair are removed from the fur. The fur can grow back healthily.

Improve indoor climate and food supplements

But where do the scales come from? Especially in autumn and winter, dry air in living rooms can be a cause. It leads to dry skin in dogs and thus to white flakes in the fur. In this case, a simple room humidifier can be used as a treatment. In addition to air that is too dry, a lack of vitamins, food allergies or too much grain in the food can also lead to dry skin and therefore dandruff in the dog. To clarify this, a visit to the veterinarian is advisable. In consultation with him, you can then try out a nutritional supplement or a special feed that addresses the skin and hair problem with special nutrients and minerals from the inside.

Treat yellow scales in dogs

The scales in the skin of the beloved four-legged friend are not always white. Large yellow scales, which adhere very firmly to the skin and / or fur, also occur. They are caused by excessive sebum production and are much more difficult to remove than white skin flakes. If the veterinarian does not find any other causes, a special dog shampoo can be used. The veterinarian can advise you on which preparation is best suited for your dog.

Change of fur in cats and dogs: remove animal hair

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(Strong) dandruff in the dog? Visiting the vet is advisable

Sometimes dandruff in dogs is also due to illness. Parasites, skin fungus, allergies or metabolic diseases are often associated with dandruff and are a case for the veterinarian. Depending on the cause, this will start with medication, fur care products, anti-parasite agents or a change of feed so that the four-legged friend can get rid of his small fur problem as quickly as possible.


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