Cat Henry takes orphan kittens under his wing

The red cat in the video is called Henry and has a great protective instinct. He lovingly takes care of the six tiny little kittens that his foster home has taken up. The hangover himself suffers from the ataxia balance disorder, but that does not prevent him from devoting himself to the minimiezis. What a wonderful foster dad!

The orphans are only around three weeks old and were found by children on the way home from the school in Alaska. They were in a cardboard box and wept bitterly. Fortunately, the children were there on time and did the right thing by bringing the kittens to the animal protection organization "Ketchikan Humane Society".

Heather Muench took care of the feeding and health care of the minimiezis, but hangover Henry wanted to help. He took the fluffy noses under his wing, gave them warmth and security, cleaned them and taught them typical behavior. When Muench took the kittens to the vet or took them to feed, Henry was very unhappy and didn't understand why his babies were taken away from him.

In the meantime, the fur lines have grown up and have been adopted by loving people. And Henry? He was allowed to stay with his foster family and enjoy his cat life to the fullest. Every now and then his foster parents take in new kittens - and Henry is allowed to fulfill his purpose as a replacement dad.

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