Cats celebrate toilet paper destruction party

What fun! The cats in the video have a whole roll of toilet paper just for them to play with. It doesn't take long and the whole room looks like a snowy landscape because there are pieces of paper everywhere. You might think that the paper was dipped in catnip.

The cats pluck and pluck the toilet paper with devotion and have a lot of fun destroying it completely. The joint lesson is wonderfully suited to bring harmony to the large group of cats, even if the toilet paper has to suffer.

The cat flat share lives in Japan and not too long ago there were a few new kittens that had to get used to it. Two of the foster kittens - Momo and Rey - are now an integral part of the cat group, the tricolor kitten has now moved into its own home and reunited with its brother. Cat Lulu prefers to watch the spectacle from the outside. She is the oldest in the cat flat share and apparently doesn't think much of the hustle and bustle that the youngsters organize.

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