Floating cat: shy of water? Not me!

"Look what I can do!" The cat in this video is really amazing. It doesn't just splash around a bit, no, it actually swims properly and doesn't seem to get enough of it.

An astonishing picture: The petite red cat in this video has come up with an exciting workout and seems to be an absolute fan of the full bathtub. She swims like a pro, doesn't need the help of her owner and even seems to constantly forget her yellow toy ball for swimming.

By the way, all cats can swim, but for a variety of reasons they usually do so reluctantly and very rarely. Exceptions are certain breeds such as the Turkish Van. Some other house cats are also not averse to small play units with water in moderation, but to see a cat swimming like this is really a rare picture.

Funny sleeping positions: no problem for kittens

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