Cat food for young cats: you should pay attention to this

Cat food for young cats: you should pay attention to this

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You cannot start early enough with the right diet in cats. Good cat food for young cats is the cornerstone of a healthy and long cat life. You should pay attention to these important tips for the period after breast milk. Cat food for kittens: Pay attention to a slow change - Image: Shutterstock / Simone van den Berg

Normally your young cats will only drink milk from their mother seven times a day in the fourth week of life. At this time you can - depending on the physical condition of the mother and young cats - switch to solid food. If you have any questions or doubts, you should always ask your veterinarian for advice. The following tips will help you to get started.

Porridge as cat food for young cats

Porridge is ideal for the beginning. Mix 1: 2 kitten rearing milk with warm water and enrich with a little scraped meat, passed chicken or canned food for kittens. Make sure that you always dilute the food with warm water. By the way, a little variety does not harm the cat food for young cats.

Help you get used to it

Young cats are not used to eating looking down because they have always sucked with their heads held high. So patiently introduce your kittens to the new way of eating. Tip: Hold a spoonful of food in front of the kitten's nose and then slowly bring it down so that the cat's head must follow.

Kittens in a cute twin look

Energy and fluid requirements increase

At the age of ten to twelve weeks, the little kittens' energy, protein and vitamin requirements are very high. By that time, you should provide your young cats with food around the clock. You can then switch from five to three meals a day. From the twelfth week on, grab fresh or special cat food for young cats from the can.

It is ideal to mix these two, as you can usually do without the addition of minerals and vitamins. Cat food for young cats should always be moist enough - a diet with dry food does not meet your little one's daily water needs. Always make sure to always offer fresh water, for example with a drinking fountain for your cat.

Pay attention to the sexual maturity of the kittens

Most cat breeds reach sexual maturity at the age of six to eight months. Depending on the breed, this may be the case sooner or later - it's best to find out about your cat's breed. From then on, the time of porridge and nutritional supplements is over and food for the big ones can come onto the cat plate.

General tips for feeding older kittens

• By the twelfth week, a healthy kitten should have access to food around the clock
• Then slowly switch to three to five meals a day
• The evening and morning meals should be more plentiful than the others
• Make the cat food varied; For example, mix fresh food with (kitten) canned food in a ratio of 50:50
• Do not give dry food - the water requirement of young cats is significantly higher than that of adult cats
• Always provide fresh water, even for older house tigers
• Treats are allowed in sizes (!)

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