Your cat nudges you? Why is she doing this?

It is too cute when a cat nudges and taps its favorite person with its paw. This gesture usually brings a smile to the face of its owner because it is interpreted as a sign of affection. But is that really the case? Your cat will definitely want to tell you something when she nudges you - Shutterstock / Valerio Pardi

In some forums, users write that they keep seeing their cat nudge them. There is also a lot to read there that this gesture is a true declaration of love. But is that also the case or is it just wishful thinking of a loving cat owner? Basically, it is always valuable to know the wide repertoire of gestures and sounds of cats, especially if a house tiger lives in your own household. Knowing how cats communicate and express themselves makes everyday life with them even more enjoyable and exciting.

What does nudging mean for cats?

A cat can have different reasons for nudging its owner:
Yes, a light nudge with a wet nose or paw actually means that your cat likes you. It is often a tender, clawless nudge on the face, for example when cuddling on the couch. Most cats purr, which is a sign of wellbeing anyway. Often the loving nudge turns into caring licking off some parts of the body, such as the fingers. People also like to caress the face - some like it and others don't. But it's always cute.
In fact, your cat can also mark you by poking with pheromones. Your cat has scent glands under her paws that make this possible. So your velvet paw might just want to make it clear that you belong to it and that's basically a good thing - and just as cute.

What is behind it when we do cat laundry?

Cat washing is always mentioned when someone is cleaning his own body ...

If your cat nudges you repeatedly and in quick succession, your cat will most likely want your undivided attention. It can be "Hey! Play with me!", "Stroke me!" or "Ey, I'm hungry, give me something to eat" mean. Maybe your cat’s internal clock is striking and it’s feeding time. This may well be possible if you feed your cat at the same time every day. The velvet paws get used to a fixed daily routine and then become impatient when something is late. Especially when it comes to the coveted feed. Some owners will also know the nightly nudge. In most cases, this is also an invitation to feed. For educational reasons, you should only stick to the fixed schedule. Otherwise the nocturnal, then mostly disturbing, nudge can quickly become an undesirable habit.
greeting: A gentle nudge on the head is also a nice touch for your cat. In most cases, this is actually a friendly greeting. Your cat would simply like to say to you: "Hello, nice to see you!"

Look, the cute cat in the video clearly wants to be petted:

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