Virtual animal cemetery: mourn the dog online

When the beloved dog dies, the pain is great - after all, pets are family members for us. A virtual animal cemetery offers dog lovers the opportunity to mourn online together and find comfort and sympathy from like-minded people. You can share memories and pictures like this with other mourners after the dog's death in the virtual animal cemetery - Shutterstock / Soloviova Liudmyla

A virtual animal cemetery is used to preserve and share memories of the beloved four-legged friend - whether dog, cat, small animal or bird. Sometimes it is best to deal with grief and pain by meeting people who can also mourn their deceased pet and empathize with how other people are concerned.

Mourn online at the click of a mouse in a virtual animal cemetery

The loss of a loyal companion is painful and emotionally stressful. A virtual animal graveyard can help overcome your pain. The cemetery is on the one hand a place of loss, but also of beautiful memories of your own four-legged friend.

The focus here is on processing the loss and grief together. You don't have to be ashamed of your tears, losing a loved one is an experience that many share with you. In virtual animal cemeteries, as a dog owner you can process your pain together and talk to like-minded people about it and find comfort.

Dog buried in the garden: is this allowed?

Can I bury the deceased dog in the garden? Is that allowed by law and what ...

Find like-minded people online

There are a number of providers of virtual animal cemeteries on the Internet. There are free and paid versions among these. Find out exactly what conditions are on offer. Usually, paid portals do not offer much added value. On the virtual animal cemeteries you can set up your own "gravestone" or create so-called consolation pages, which you can design yourself: store photo albums, your own biography of the dog or self-painted pictures to process the loss of your deceased companion.

When you join a virtual animal graveyard, you are part of a large community. Anyone can visit your comfort page, lay flowers, light candles, or write condolences. And you too can comfort other mourners. Giving comfort to each other can help you get over your pain.

What are the options for animal burial?

The virtual animal cemetery is only used to share memories of the deceased dog or other pets. The actual burial still takes place without the Internet. There are different options:

● Cremation in the crematorium
● Cemeteries for animals
● Animal burial in your own garden
● Common human-animal cemetery
● Animal preparation

in the Tierkrematorium you can have your dog cremated either individually or together with other animals. Single cremation is more expensive, but it gives you the opportunity to take the urn with the ashes of your beloved four-legged friend home with you. Whether you want to keep them or scatter the ashes remains your decision. On the pet cemetery you can have your darling buried like a human family member and then have to factor in the grave rent.

The Animal burial in your own garden is preferred by many mourners because it is the most personal and the deceased dog still remains nearby. Unfortunately, it is not allowed everywhere. So inquire beforehand whether you can bury your four-legged friend in the garden or whether this is prohibited in your state or in your residential area. Burial in the garden, for example, near water and nature reserves or if your dog died of a notifiable illness is not permitted. It is also generally prohibited to bury your pet in public parks and forests.

If you want to be buried with your pet, you can do so at Human-animal cemeteries to do. There are common urn graves for you and your four-legged friend. Not for everyone, but another way to keep the dog with you after you die is taxidermy, The pet is stuffed so that it looks as close to life as possible.

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