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Kats Lazarus alone at home: almost perfectly well

Kats Lazarus alone at home: almost perfectly well

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If it weren't on video, it would be hard to believe: owner leaves the house and cat boy Lazarus is just good. First something is played and then a nap is taken. One should have the life of a cat.

You are literally waiting for something to be smashed or scratched: But no, nothing! When the owner says goodbye and leaves the house, cameras record what Lazarus does at home alone - and you are amazed! Instead of digging out flower pots or scratching the claws on the walls and furniture, Lazarus plays well with his scratching post.

Then one strolls leisurely through the apartment and examines everything. Not to forget: a nap on the couch. Such a good boy! The joy is great when Herrchen comes home: Did Lazarus know that the cameras are running and that he has to behave? Who knows…

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