Maine Coon Muffin and Cornish Rex Patrick struggle all day

Maine Coon Muffin and Cornish Rex Patrick are two real rock'n scooters. Their trick: they make their actions look like mere shuffling, but involve complex forms of practice for perfect choreography. How can the two velvety paws do it? Cat Creativity, What Else?

Watch out: When Muffin and Patrick are on the go, the mail goes off. Of course, the whole thing follows a precise training plan for the next official cat dance event. Practical locations are: sofa, carpet, pillow or box. The individual exercises have names that have prevailed in the training cosmos of the purring four-legged friends: the attack-from-behind jump, the paw-in-face-skunker or the tail-paw pirouette. Say: When Maine Coon and Cornish Rex take a dance, it looks pretty wild. Well-meaning, loving and, in connection, extremely teasing, it is nevertheless proven by these two little cats' hearts.

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