Maru and Hana: Maru's girlfriend was that small

Hana, the cat friend of Tom Maru, is now three years old. But when she and Maru got to know each other, Hana was still a tiny miniature, only a few months old. Watch the following videos to see how the friendship between Hana and Maru started.

Maru, the cozy Scottish-Fold hangover with a preference for boxes, calmly watches kitten Hana jumping from one corner of the living room to the next, whizzing across the room and playing with everything you can get between the mini paws. He seems a little strange to find the zeal of the kitten, but he can not be disturbed.

In the next video, Maru is nevertheless tempted to play a little catch:

In the last video with kitty Hana, the little fur nose chases a ball and Maru is a little surprised at the enthusiasm for the game. Towards the end, however, it seems as if the leisurely flunkster wants to play along. However, this brief outbreak of entrepreneurship is quickly over.

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