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"Fieps!", "Gurr!": Cat mom Cate chats with babies

What a cute communicative cat family. The pregnant Cate picked up on the street has given birth to sweet babies and seems to be very proud of her offspring. There is no boredom here, there is a lot of chatting in the video.

It wasn't that long ago that we showed a great cuddling and chatting video of cat mom Cate and her little racers. This time, too, there is chattering and cooing as much as possible! One would like to know what the lovely cat family has to say.

It is simply amazing how Cates kittens share their bed and apparently enjoy being close to each other. The sweeteners really seem to love crawling units by humans. No wonder that they have now even been adopted in pairs. Let's hope that the new families are at least as communicative, so that they can then coo, whine and moan to the fullest. By the way, the lovely cat mom Cate quickly found a great home. Just beautiful!

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