White Shepherd Adopts Orphaned Baby Possum

The little baby opossum poncho in the video was still an infant when his mom was hit by a car and succumbed to the injuries. Luckily, dear people took care of the sweet pimples, pimped them up - and found the perfect animal groom for poncho: the white shepherd Hantu.

Baby possum poncho and shepherd Hantu, who has no puppies of their own, quickly embraced each other and became inseparable. How the tiny bag rat trustingly clings to the beautiful, soft white fur of the dog lady is so touching that you can hardly hold back the tears. Even today, poncho - now a full-grown opossum about the size of a small cat - rides on Hantu's back when the bitch takes a walk in the forest. Friendship can be so beautiful!

Opossum: cute loner

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