Educate Havanese: Also suitable for beginners

If you want to raise a Havanese, you do not need a lot of previous knowledge of dog ownership. You have to be careful not to let its cute appearance wrap you too much around your paw; otherwise the little dog is very eager to learn due to its intelligence and openness, likes to work with and is also suitable for beginners. This little Havanese demonstrates his agility training skills - Shutterstock / Sandra Huber

Havanese are not only smart and friendly, they are also very sporty. It is important when educating that you use the small bundles of energy, both mentally and physically, so that they do not get bored and then vocally vie for attention. If you consider this, even as a beginner, you will hardly have any difficulties, but will have a lot of fun teaching the cute dog something.

Educate Havanese: Use people-relatedness and promote intelligence

The Havanese was bred as a companion and companion dog, which means that it is part of his breed-typical nature that he prefers to stay with his favorite people. Whether family, couple or single, young or old, beginner or professional dog - the little dog adapts wonderfully to its two-legged friends. This is of great advantage for the upbringing, because the Havanese likes to learn new things, is attentive and curious, so that he takes on your tasks and commands with great pleasure and enjoys working together.

Conversely, this also means that you have to offer your dog learning material so that there is no boredom. In addition to the basic commands, you can also teach your little four-legged friend tricks, play intelligence games with him or go to dog sports.

Educate Havanese: Rules are still important

You can easily bring up a Havanese, but that doesn't mean that he knows what should and shouldn't go by himself. Beginners, in particular, might be tempted to let the cute whirlwind go through too much or, consequently, not take it too seriously. It is important to resist the dog's gaze and to stick to the rules once they have been established (in families or households with several people, of course, everyone involved must pull together).

However, you do not have to be too strict, it is sufficient if you communicate clearly and unambiguously with your four-legged friend and do not water down rules with exceptions, so that they are no longer recognizable as such for your dog. Also make sure that there is a good balance between activity and rest, because otherwise your Havanese might have difficulty with being alone and busy without human accompaniment.

Havanese: Small fluffy dog ​​from Cuba

Dog sports for Havanese: Great for beginners and professionals

Thanks to his eagerness to learn and the enthusiasm with which he plunges into new tasks, the Havanese is suitable for all types of dog sport, both for beginners and for professionals and competitions. Just see what you and your dog enjoy. With obedience training you can improve communication between yourself and your four-legged friend and deepen your relationship with each other. Dog dancing is also great for human-dog friendship, but is more action-packed than obedience. Watch how the little Havanese lady Dafne dances with her mistress in this video:

In general, Havanese are considered quite musical, the little journeyman in the next video demonstrates his singing skills, for example:

Havanese have a lot of fun with agility training, because it depends on skill as well as speed and smartness, and they can do it together with their favorite people. Havanese Cosmo, for example, is already a real professional:

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