Former stray kitten is given a name

The little lucky cat in the video is a former stray kitten that had settled in the garden of a Japanese cat friend. He already had ten cats and at first hesitated to add another mini kitty. But then the pretty sugar sponge softened his heart and was allowed to stay. Of course, a suitable name had to be found ...

"Momo" is the sweet lucky kitten, which means "peach" in Japanese. The little beauty has not only white and silver-gray, but also peach-colored fur. In any case, the velvet paw seems to feel completely comfortable in its new home. And apparently it has no objection to its eponymous fruit. In the following video it makes an enchanting fleecy nap in the fruit bowl and snuggles up next to a peach:

In the next video you can see how lucky kitten Momo gradually became from stray to domestic cat through play, attention and food. Sweet as sugar, the little one!

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