Golden retriever puppies learn to swim

The cute little sniffers in the video are golden retriever puppies and have their first hour of swimming lessons. Pretty exciting - especially because the clumsy baby dogs first have to get to know the water. Some of the puddle paws are a little bolder than others ...

Oh, that's cute! The cuddly mini golden retrievers are allowed to splash in the water for the first time and try to swim for the first time. Some carefully sniff the cool water before carefully dipping one paw after the other. Others jump straight in and paddle happily. And a few particularly shy puppies have to be encouraged by their people or put in the water because they don't dare to go in on their own. In the end, however, they all seem to have made friends with the wet element.

Educational tips for the Golden Retriever

The education of a golden retriever starts with the perfect socialization in puppies ...

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