Cat Lazarus enjoys his cat life

"Hach yes, such a cat life is wonderful!", Finds Cat Lazarus in the video, snuggles back on the back of the sofa and continues to indulge in his well-deserved nap. In between, you can still brush yourself extensively or your favorite person stops by for cuddles. Because variety sometimes has to be, Lazarus sometimes chugs on a soft fleece blanket to doze.

The pretty cat with the ice-blue eyes and the subtle, cream-colored point drawing is not disturbed by the little daughter of his adoptive father Brandon Bingham when he is resting. The American and his family had saved Lazarus from freezing to death as a tiny baby cat. The little bundle of fur lay in a pile of snow near the house where they had celebrated Thanksgiving (the American Thanksgiving and one of the most important holidays in the United States). They quickly took him into the house, gave first aid and miraculously the sweet Fratz survived. Now he lives with his savior and could hardly be happier!

You can find the history of Katerchen Lazarus under "Kitten saved at the last second from freezing!" read again.

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