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Canoeing with a dog: Tips for a relaxed boat trip

Summer offers numerous opportunities to have fun with your animal partner outdoors. Canoeing with the dog is a particularly exciting way to enjoy the beauties of nature - for example during a canoe hike. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, if you want to canoe with your dog. Most dogs like canoeing, especially water-loving rats like Retriever - Shutterstock / Kris Holland

The boat floats quietly on the water, on the right and left there are picturesque banks, it is calm and idyllic. Canoeing with a dog is not only a great experience for two-legged and four-legged friends, but also welds together and strengthens the friendship between humans and dogs through joint activity. There is also plenty of fresh air and the possibility of great breaks in the country. A warning in advance: Please do not take your dog with you into wild water, as this would be too dangerous if it should go overboard.

Canoeing with dog: options for the tour

There are now numerous providers of canoe tours with dogs. Interested parties can usually choose from various offers, including workshops for beginners, where both people and dogs can get used to or learn to canoe. Canoe tours are particularly beautiful on vacation, as the travel destination - provided it is suitable for canoeing - can be discovered particularly well by water. But here in Germany, too, there are numerous options for canoeing. The good thing: You don't have to be an outdoor professional to rent a canoe and go on a trip. If you plan to do this or even own a canoe and want to go on a trip on your own, please get used to your fur nose in peace with the canoe.

Familiarize dog with canoe: practice on land first

Be sure to take a lot of time to familiarize your dog with the canoe. Under no circumstances should you throw your dog into the cold water, but first bring him to the canoe on land. Get on the boat with your seal and give them time to get used to it dry. Depending on the size and fitness of your dog, getting in and out can not always be easy. Patience pays off and a treat as a reward for getting into the canoe doesn't hurt - then Wuff connects the boat directly to something good. Tip: It is best to book a beginner's workshop, where specialist staff will show you how canoeing with the dog works best.

Important: If your dog just doesn't want to get used to canoeing and is still afraid after several attempts, don't force him to do this. Even people can sometimes be afraid of the water and cannot tolerate boating - this should also be respected in dogs.

When traveling with the dog: that must be in your luggage

If you want to take your dog on vacation, the appropriate luggage must not be missing ...

Equipment for canoeing with the dog

Special equipment is not essential for the boat trip, especially if your dog is a good swimmer. Otherwise, a life jacket is recommended. However, a few items are useful if you want to canoe with your dog. Take for example a dog blanket on which your water rat can sit or lie down while driving. You should also have the usual travel items such as a dog leash, chest harness, dog food and folding bowl, water and treats with you.

Canoeing: Give the dog enough shore leave

Not every dog ​​can sit still in a canoe for a long time. Depending on the length of the canoe trip, make sure you plan enough shore leave. So your dog has the opportunity to lighten up and stretch his legs. Tip: Take dog toys with you and play a little with your cold nose during the land times.

The pictures in this video show how nice canoeing with dogs can be: