Cat Sophie sleeps in a tiny little crib

A sight for the gods! In the video, the sweet kitty Sophie sleeps in a miniature cat bed. How cozy this is can be guessed from the blissful sleepy look of Sophie. Like a human child, the velvet paw cuddles with her cuddly toy.

Katzenkörbchen? Oh, what, Sophie loves her own bed. It sleeps incomparably well there with your favorite stuffed animal. Sophie can hardly keep the cat's eyes open, it is so cozy. If you want to see how the little princess gets into her bed, there is also this video that the mistress recorded:

Sophie hops up the stairs and finally into the cat bed above. Of course, the bed ritual every night also means that Mistress covers Sophie. Sweet dreams in your mini bed, Sophie!

Why do cats love strange sleeping places?

When cats have their sleeping places high up on the bookshelf, wrapped deep in the back corner of the closet ...

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