Chihuahua saves Newfoundland mate from dog catchers

It is an incredible story. The woman in the video almost lost her great Newfoundland dog because a dog catcher almost kidnapped him from the property. The story only has a happy ending thanks to a small, brave chihuahua.

The dog catcher just wanted to steal the black Newfoundland dog named Silas. But his owner noticed the theft at the last second because her other dog, the Chihuahua Carly, sensed something and barked like crazy. So the woman could hurry to help her beloved Silas. The brazen dog thief simply said that Silas was his and wanted to take him with him. But not with Carly and her powerful owner in the truest sense of the word: The woman drove the dog catcher with a skilful blow on the beet. Some people simply cannot be seen any other way. In any case, Carly and Silas have long since recovered from the shock and continue to take good care of themselves.

Chihuahua: The smallest breed of dog in the world

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