Chihuahua Lola loves her friends from the farm

The little Chihuahua puppy in the video is called Lola and lives with goats, cats, chickens and two other dogs on the Sunflower Farm in the USA. In the meantime Lola is a little bit bigger, but in the movie from last summer she is still very tiny. Nevertheless, she confidently explores her surroundings and befriends all the animals on the farm.

In the beginning, Chihuahua girl Lola can be seen under a large SUV - or hardly seen because she is so tiny. But the sweetness cannot be stopped from showing all farm animals how much she loves them. A little pop sniff here, a nostril there ... Lola wins the hearts of her new friends in no time.

Cat Moo, however, still seems a little skeptical and prefers to hold back Lola, as the next video shows:

But Mastiff Gracie is very fond of her tiny friend and would like to romp and play with her. However, Lola is only the size of Gracie's muzzle and so the mastiff lady has to be very careful. But Gracie does it great and takes extra care that she only nudges Lola gently:

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