Otter babies squeak happily because their food tastes so good

Otter babies squeak happily because their food tastes so good

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The two otter babies in the video are orphans and should be sold as pets on the black market, although they are not suitable as wild animals at all. The Spanish animal rights activist and TV presenter Frank Cuesta has taken care of the little animals and is now pep them up until they are big enough to be released into the wild. Until then, the nubs seem to feel comfortable with Cuesta; as they eat their food, they squeak with sheer appetite. How sweet!

But these are two hungry little otter babies that the Spanish animal lover has taken in. When he lets her out of their enclosure to prepare their food, the little patties are already very impatient and can't wait to dip their nose into their tasty face. Fortunately, they don't have to wait too long and are as happy as the snow kings when the bowl is finally in front of them. Take care, you sweet otter babies!

Sugar-sweet otter babies to fall in love with

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