Why do cats love tight boxes and boxes?

Many cat owners know it: you bring a new cat toy, unpack it and the cat is more interested in the packaging - whether box or box. The size does not matter at all, the main thing is that you get the paws and preferably the cat's head somehow. But why do cats love the boxes and boxes that seem uncomfortable to our eyes? "What, we're moving? The main thing is that I can keep my box!", Thinks this "box cat" - Shutterstock / Vitaliy Hrabar

Moving boxes, egg boxes, shoe boxes - cats love the sometimes narrow boxes and thus pose a puzzle to science. Attempts to explain the unusual preference of our house tigers have already been made. And also a study that says that boxes and crates are good for the velvet paws and, for example, lower their stress levels.

Study: Cardboard boxes are good for cats

Claudia Vinke from the University of Utrecht made the experiment in a Dutch animal shelter: she put ten new cats in their boxes, nine other cats did not get any boxes. After only a few days, it was found that the fur noses that had a box in their box were significantly more relaxed and balanced than the cats without a box. The "box cats" coped better with the new environment and were more open to people - the cartonless group needed around two weeks to reach a similarly low stress level, the researchers told the journal "Applied Animal Behavior Science."

Vinke reports: The cardboard boxes offered the test cats a place to retreat and thus have a direct benefit for cat health - the formula: Less stress due to the safe hiding place ensures a better immune system for the cats. The "box cats" in the following video do not actually appear stressed:

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Cardboard boxes are cozy and warm

But it is not only the possibility of hiding that gives our animal partners so much pleasure in boxes and boxes. In addition to pure curiosity, it is also protection from the cold and the desire for security. The comfortable temperature of most cats is between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius and thus significantly higher than the temperature in our apartments. A box, ideally so tight that the kitty has to squeeze in, insulates well and stores the warmth of the cat's body so that it feels comfortably warm and secure. In the following video, Simon Tofield from "Simon's Cat" and a cat behavior expert once again summarized why cats love boxes:

The fact is: cats cannot get enough of their crates and the internet offers us a lot of evidence every day. Funny: Not only domestic cats, also big wild cats seem to love the cardboard hiding places:

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