Make dog cake yourself: delicious recipe for the dog

Is your four-legged friend's birthday and you want to give him a great surprise? Then conjure up a dog cake for him! The delicious gift addition to dog toys is definitely a huge highlight for your birthday dog. Here you will find a tasty recipe. Your dog's heart will beat faster! A delicious dog cake is THE gift for the fur nose - Shutterstock / Maksim Fesenko

A dog cake must be one thing above all: delicious! But it should also be healthy, that is, without any questionable ingredients. It is also advantageous if the preparation is quick and easy. Especially nice with the recipe for this dog cake: It doesn't have to be baked.

Ingredients for the festive recipe

Ground beef is the basis for this dog pie recipe. Ingredients such as flour and sugar, which are found in the human cake as the main components, would not be healthy for dogs. You need a round cake pan for the cake. You can find an overview of all the ingredients here:

  • ● 1 kg of ground beef
  • ● 800 grams of low-fat curd cheese
  • ● 4 carrots
  • ● 1 zucchini
  • ● Decoration suitable for dogs (for example treats or liver sausage for dogs)

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This is how the delicious dog cake succeeds

First cut the minced meat in half. One part forms the bottom: Put the chop evenly into the mold and press it lightly. Put sliced ​​zucchini on the layer of meat - ideally cut the vegetables so thin that they can lay an entire layer with the slices. In the next step, spread a thin layer of lean quark over the zucchini - but save the majority of the quark for later.

Now rub the carrots on the curd, for example with the help of a vegetable grater. The next layer is the second part of minced meat. Spread the meat evenly over the curd and carrot layer and press everything down gently. Finally, the remaining curd is spread over the entire dog cake and smoothed out - the sides can also be smeared with curd. If you like, you can now decorate the cake for the dog at will. Make sure that you only use ingredients that are suitable for dogs. Sugar, chocolate and Co. are harmful to your four-legged friend and therefore taboo. A few treats or unseasoned liver sausage or meat sausage for dogs are better.

Store the dog cake fresh and clean it quickly

The raw minced meat in the dog cake quickly becomes bad when not cooled, so your four-legged friend should eat the birthday surprise as quickly as possible. So that it does not overeat, you should serve the cake instead of a meal and not give it in addition. The recipe makes a fairly large dog cake and is more suitable for larger breeds. For small dogs you can reduce the amount accordingly and use a small cereal bowl as a mold instead of a cake tin.

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