Going on vacation without a dog: Requirements

Those who want to go on vacation without a dog usually do so because it is not possible to take their beloved four-legged friend with them or because it would be torture for them. Long flights in the cargo hold, for example, are a major burden for most dogs. In order for your fur nose to get along without you, the following requirements should be met. At best, your dog can play with other people during his vacation and distract himself - Shutterstock / Stanimir G.Stoev

It doesn't always have to be the long plane or car trips that keep dog owners going on vacation without a dog. Also, the holiday simply cannot be made for your animal partner, for example if you want to go on a hike and your dog cannot do it because of poor condition or because of an illness.

Go on vacation without a dog

If the four-legged friend cannot go along, there are various ways you can have your dog looked after in separate time. At best, he stays with family, friends or acquaintances who know him and with whom he is in good hands. If this option is not available, you can entrust it to a professional dog sitter or place it in a kennel or dog hotel. You can find information among other things in our guide "Tips: Find the right dog boarding house".

With regard to third-party accommodation, it is important that you register your dog there in good time - especially in the summer holiday season, many dog ​​hotels and guest houses are quickly booked up.

Requirements for the separate time

Some dogs are so fixated on their owners that they suffer a lot if the owner and owner are not there for a few days. An intensive friendship between humans and dogs is primarily a good thing, but your dog should also be able to spend time with other people without any problems. A well-socialized dog can engage with other people for the holiday season without getting depressed. At best, the interaction with other dogs is not a problem, so that your darling can bridge the time without you, for example, by playing with other dogs.

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Leave important information and contact details

Important: If you go on vacation without a dog, it is a requirement that you provide the person who cares for him with all the important information. Does your dog take medication? What are his feeding habits? Does something important have to be considered when dealing with him? Always leave your mobile number so that you can be called in an emergency.

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