Kitten Osamu has grown up quite a bit

As a small kitten, Osamu came into a household with nine cats. As a "10 Cats" (10 cats), the fluffy Japanese flat community has already become a bit famous on YouTube. The mini plush Osamu has now turned into a handsome cat that towers over his cat buddies, as can be seen in the video.

In the beginning, kitten Osamu is still very small and looks like a sugar-sweet dust fluff with button eyes with its gray fuzzy fur. His first clumsy steps towards the feeding bowl seem a little awkward, but as a big hangover he looks really dignified. However, Osamu has not forgotten how to play. As a kitten and a grown-up cat, he loves chasing a ball of karacho across the hall.

The direct comparison of the kitten Osamu to the cat Osamu shows how much he has grown. He is shown how small he is when he eats with his cat buddies, when climbing on his scratching post and when playing on the stairs, and later much larger than his peers.

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