How do Schüßler salts work for cats?

Do Schüßler salts work for cats just like humans? A question that many cat owners ask themselves. One thing is certain: The salts created by Heinrich Schüßler can also be used on four-legged friends. Read more about this here. Schüßler salts can be easily mixed into your velvet paw in the feed - Shutterstock / PJjaruwan

Heinrich Schüßler compiled 12 salts in the 19th century which, according to his theory, contain minerals that are vital for the organism and are mostly administered in tablet form - the Schüßler salts. He argued that in principle they were able to cure any illness.

This is how Schüßler salts work for cats

Schüßler's approach can be applied not only to the human organism, but also to that of many animals, including cats. Schüßler, a doctor and homeopath, theorized that illnesses arise when certain processes in the body are disturbed. 12 "life salts" should therefore be present in the organism in a balanced ratio in order to keep it healthy. If there is a lack of nutrient salt, there is an imbalance - the flow of body fluids between body cells and body tissue is disrupted and the result is illness.

So that the body or the individual organs can work properly, the body's own stores must be filled with the minerals that the 12 Schuessler salts contain. This principle can also be applied to the body of velvet paws. The salts can certainly achieve success there.

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The choice of means is similar to that of humans

In principle, most, but not all, of the Schuessler salts can be used for cats and humans, although the dose changes - cats are given a smaller dose, about half a tablet, instead of an entire one. Special recommendations are made for specific diseases of a kitty. As a cat owner, you should get detailed information from the veterinarian here, even if side effects are not yet known. Also, if you are unsure or in doubt, be sure to check with your vet before giving your cat Schuessler salts.

The application is in tablet form. The tablets can, for example, be mixed with the feed, dissolved in water or administered directly. You can find more information on the correct application in the guide: Using Schüßler salts for cats correctly.

Important: Use Schüßler salts for cats only for minor complaints. If there is a serious injury or illness, you should definitely consult a veterinarian.

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