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Foundling kitten Skidmark has a cute cat friend

Some time ago, the video of the motorcyclist rescuing a kitten from the crossing caused a sensation. She took in the little red tiger cat and called it Skidmark ("brake track"). A few weeks later, her husband discovered another foundling near the workshop where he works. Now Skidmark and the other little cat have met and seem to get along wonderfully.

Leo, the husband of Skidmark's adoptive mom, is a big fan of the television series "Game of Thrones" and named the Minimiez Daenerys after his favorite character from the series. At first, Daenerys can still be seen alone, tentatively exploring her surroundings and gradually discovering how much fun playing is. But what is that? Suddenly a red tabby paw peeks out from under a black curtain and wants to fish for a toy. Daenerys looks at the cheeky paw curiously, but a little shyly.

Then the two cats finally meet. They are still very careful with one another and sniff each other extensively. There is a short paw boxing fight, but both remain gentle and friendly. Surely the two foundlings will soon get used to each other and are best friends.

In this video you can see how Leo finds Daenerys. Her little eyes are still completely glued there and she is completely scared. How good that she came to a family that loves animals!

Getting two cats used to each other: Tips for keeping them

If you want to get two cats used to each other, extreme caution and patience are required ...

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