Cole and Marmalade listen to cat music

The two cats Cole and Marmalade are allowed to listen to music in this video, which was developed by scientists especially for cats. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison wanted to test their theory that animals can enjoy music that matches their communication habits in pitch, sound, rhythm, and tempo.

The scientists have increasingly used higher notes for cat music, a calm tempo and a steady rhythm, sometimes accompanied by purring and sucking noises. In between, the high notes sound a bit like twittering birds. They then tested their compositions on 47 cats and cats, the cat music pieces "Cozmo's Air" and "Rusty's Ballad" as well as for comparison the classic works "Elegie" by Gabriel Fauré and Johann Sebastian Bach's "Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major" were allowed to listen. Apparently, the cat music attracted the attention and curiosity of the velvet paws, some even snuggled up to the speakers.

Cole and Marmalade also seem to like listening to the sounds of cat music. They blink relaxed in front of them, watch with interest where the noise could come from and doze off peacefully while the music is playing. Research findings may help cats who are stressed or alone during the day so that they can calm down and not feel so lonely. More information about the project and audio samples can be found at

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