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Cuddle cow Fiete purrs while cuddling

Cuddle cow Fiete purrs while cuddling

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Fiete looks like a cow, but the cuddly animal purrs like a cat. The pretty ox was saved from the slaughterhouse by the Hof Butenland Foundation and had to learn to eat grass and trust people. As can be seen in the video, which was shot around nine months after his arrival on the farm, it ultimately succeeded.

Fiete is devotedly scratched under the chin by his philanthropist and finds it wonderful. So beautiful that there are dear people who give cattle a new home when they are no longer wanted or are about to end up in the slaughterhouse. The Hof Butenland Foundation has launched the Kuhaltersheim pilot project especially for cattle. If you want, you can support the foundation and the Kuhaltersheim with donations.

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