Cat mom introduces her buddies to their babies

"May I introduce: This is my buddy, a totally lovely dog!", The cat says in this video to her children and lets her darlings get closer to the cute four-legged friend. He is very enthusiastic and plays smoothly with the cute gang of rattles.

"But you're big. Hello!", The first velvet paw befriends the dog. The two animals examine themselves curiously, while the cat mum is of course taking care of her little rascals. As soon as the four-legged friend has lay down, the next kitten flies over to welcome the new playmate.

The room tigers gently tap on the animal buddy - after all, they first have to look very closely with whom they are dealing. But they quickly realize that they don't need to be afraid and play happily with their new friend. Sooo cute, this friendship between dog and cat!

Dog and cat are friends for life

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