Cooking diet dog food for overweight dog yourself

If your four-legged friend is overweight, it is a good idea to switch to diet dog food. But instead of feeding canned diet food, you can also cook it yourself and make it easier for your darling to lose weight. Nevertheless, have your dog checked by your veterinarian beforehand and then discuss which nutrients he needs to prevent deficiency symptoms. Lean chicken fillet in the feed can help the dog lose weight - Shutterstock / Sophie Louise Davis

Obesity in dogs can result in serious complications such as heart and circulatory problems or liver diseases. That is why it is important to fight overweight with a diet dog food specially tailored to your dog - for example by cooking for yourself.

The visit to the vet

If you observe a weight gain in your dog and want to switch to diet dog food, first discuss your plans with a veterinarian. In this way, you can clarify the causes and initiate all the measures required to lose weight.

Cooking diet dog food yourself: important principles

As with humans, the dog's energy intake must be limited if he is to lose weight. However, the eat-half principle is not the best choice for your four-legged friend. This method can negatively affect your dog's satisfaction and may not provide him with sufficient minerals and other important nutrients.

It is much more sensible to reduce the amount of fat in dog food. Fat has almost twice as many calories as proteins, but is required in a lower proportion than protein. Another very helpful trick is to increase the raw fiber content in the food, i.e. add vegetables. This makes the dog feel full, even though he has consumed fewer calories.

Dog too fat? How to recognize overweight

If your dog is overweight, you should do something about it as soon as possible: Too much weight ...

What your dog likes and does well

If you have discussed the weight loss plan with your veterinarian and decided to cook diet dog food yourself, you should definitely choose lean meat. Turkey and chicken fillets and ostrich meat are particularly suitable. Assemble the meal according to the following units: one third meat, one third vegetables and another third whole grain rice or diet flakes.

So that your dog receives all the important nutrients, if necessary, add a vitamin mixture after consultation with the veterinarian - and the kilos will begin to shed at your fur friend without any deficiency symptoms.

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