The incredible transformation of foundling dog Dolly

The little poodle is in a desolate state when the dog saviors from "Hope for Paws" discover it: The matted fur hangs in thick mats, the eyes are not visible under the fur. The dog in the video is terrified when he meets his rescuers. But then something like a miracle happens!

The employee of "Hope for Paws", a relief initiative for homeless dogs, talks to the scared poodle in a calming way. "It's all right," he says gently as he carefully approaches the disturbed animal with a leash. The dog growls and bites the snare that he sees as a threat - fear often causes aggressive behavior in dogs. But the loving voices of his rescuers and finally the first attempts at petting calm the poor little poodle. When they find out that she is a dog lady, the rescuers give her a name: Dolly.

Then one of the rescuers Dolly puts on his lucky leash with a colorful flower pattern and then it goes to the dog groomer. The restyling followed by a bath takes several hours and Dolly may experience for the first time in her life what it is like to be loved and cared for. The sweet poodle is hardly recognizable afterwards! The best thing is that Dolly soon finds a loving home, with a four-legged playmate and people with a big heart for a small dog. How happy Dolly finally shines into the camera makes every animal lover's heart beat faster!

Read how it takes time, love and patience to get used to a dog from the shelter.

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