Perfect vacation on the most beautiful dog beaches of the Baltic Sea

Every dog ​​likes to splash around in the sea, dig in the sand or let the warming sun shine on their fur - the Baltic Sea offers the perfect space for this. Unfortunately, for reasons of nature conservation, dogs are not allowed on the beach everywhere. However, there are many dog ​​beaches on the Baltic Sea that make your holiday with your dog perfect. You should remember these four. Nice dog beach: perfect playground for four-legged friends - Image: Shutterstock / rashworth

Taking your dog on holiday in Kühlungsborn

The Ostseebad Kühlungsborn is characterized by special dog friendliness. There are two dog beaches here - the east dog beach and the west dog beach. Both offer your four-legged friends fine sandy beach and lots of nature. The beautiful thing is the gently sloping water in Kühlungsborn, which gives your sea lion an optimal entry into the Baltic Sea.

The dog beach in Kellenhusen

The dog beach in Schleswig-Holstein's Kellenhusen offers particularly fine sandy dog ​​beaches. Here you will find dog areas that drop gently into the water to the south and north of the main beach, where your darling can romp, play, dig and relax.

Some dogs prefer to get wet

A holiday with a dog on the Niendorf dog beach

Between Timmendorfer Strand and Travemünde you will find Niendorf, a district of Timmendorfer Strand. The approximately 300 meter long dog beach is only a dog's jump from the spa promenade. As in almost the entire Bay of Lübeck, the sand is particularly fine here. The entire dog beach is well maintained, so there should be no danger to your dog's paws.

The dog beach in Peenemünde

On the dog-friendly Baltic Sea island of Usedom you will find dog beaches in every Baltic Sea resort. The beach in Peenemünde is particularly suitable because your four-legged sea explorer can romp, run, swim and sniff buddies here on endless expanses. The beautiful beach is located between Karlshagen and Zinnowitz, directly at the large parking lot.

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