Yummy! Clever rat likes pizza

The rat in the video is obviously a gourmet. The clever animal has stolen a slice of pizza and is doing everything possible to bring the delicacy to safety. Step by step, the rat carries the pizza piece down a staircase in New York. It's not that easy, because the delicacy is three times the size of the animal. The rodent suddenly realizes that it is being observed and even filmed. "Yikes? Go away!", It seems to think and is hiding behind a pillar.

Shortly thereafter, the rat sticks out its little nose from its hiding place and checks whether the air is clear again. After all, she really wants to avoid someone stealing her nice pizza. She doesn't get such a feast every day. Unfortunately, the video ends with an open ending: has the rat managed to eat the pizza? Or did a common feed thief put a spanner in the works? The resolution remains uncertain ...

Color rats: Smart and friendly pets

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