5 practical tips for living with the cat

You don't keep a cat, you live with a cat. So that the life with the Miez is not always very easy for everyone involved, you should keep an eye on the following practical tips. There are several ways to relax together - Shutterstock / Production Perig

Living with a cat is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have as an animal lover. But cats are like people: certain things drive them crazy. Sometimes it can be very easy to get rid of such annoyances: Whether scratches on the table leg, cat hair on the sofa or foul-smelling cat litter - simple home remedies help against many of these things.

1. Scratches on furniture: what you can do

You probably know it: once your cat has chosen a favorite place to scratch, you can no longer stop the claw monster from doing so. But you may not have to. Wrap and protect the area - whether table leg, chest of drawers or wooden railing - simply with a little sisal. Of course, you should always offer your kitty a good scratching post so that it doesn't go to the furniture at all.

2. This makes it easier for you to remove cat hair from upholstery

Cat hair often makes living with a velvet paw a challenge - especially if the couch, armchair, etc. are affected. A practical alternative to the lint roller, which is constantly to be replaced, is the upholstery brush from the drugstore. The advantage: you can use them again and again. An even cheaper alternative: a rubber glove. Lightly wet this with water and then stroke the fully haired pad to magically absorb the hair.

3. Odorless living together: So that the litter box does not stink

A simple and effective tip: add some baking soda from the supermarket (to be found in the baking ingredients section) to the cat litter when you refill it. The soda binds unpleasant smells.

Why do cats love strange sleeping places?

When cats have their sleeping places high up on the bookshelf, wrapped deep in the back corner of the closet ...

4. Alternative toys: It couldn't be cheaper

The specialized trade offers all kinds of toys for cats - however these are sometimes very expensive. Most cats are not picky when it comes to design and color. Simply offer your cat a ball of wool, worn clothing such as scarves or socks. Tip for the play sock: Put a valerian tea bag or a piece of celery in it - cats love the smell. So you also have a good alternative to catnip.

5. Make cats more comfortable to drink

Is your mustache not drinking enough? This could be due to the position of the water bowl. Put the water away from the feed. Many cats do not drink because water and food are too close together - this is about the natural idea that many animals do not want to drink too close to their "prey", as the water could be contaminated by the "carrion".

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