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Exposed baby tiger: foundling Diego is doing great

It's been six weeks since veterinarian Doris Tesch could hardly believe her eyes: a tiny baby tiger was lying in a basket in front of her door. She doesn't know who exposed the tiny animal, but she suspects that the circus employees are behind it. The mini big cat was no older than three days, completely dehydrated and lay motionless in her basket, Doris Tesch recalls in the "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung", which refers to the "dpa". As can be seen in the video, the wildcat has now recovered well.

Doris Tesch did not think of simply giving up the cute little tiger: "Everyone told me that I couldn't get through Diego. But nothing there, I got him pumped up by infusions!" It was her daughter's idea to call the little guy Diego, like the saber-toothed tiger from "Ice Age". In the video of the "B.Z." tells the vet that the first few days were a struggle, but after two weeks the worst was over; Diego has been developing wonderfully since then.

In the meantime, the little tiger is gnawing on the hand of his foster mom and testing his newly discovered powers. Fortunately, he still has no teeth, otherwise it could be very painful for his rescuer. All she has to do is watch out with the claws, explains Doris Tesch - they are already as sharp as knives. Little Diego can romp around in the veterinarian's garden for about two to three weeks, then he moves to the Felidae wildcat center in Tempelfelde, reports the "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung". Until then, the keepers in the wildcat center have to build a beautiful enclosure for the foundling. In order for it to feel really good there, the little pompon has to do a DNA test. This is the only way to determine which type of tiger he belongs to and meet his needs. Some tigers like to be outdoors in winter, but others need warm shelter.

Sweet, curious and very cheeky: tiger babies

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