Cat silences puppies with eye contact

Bell, bell, bell. The dog puppy in this video wants to express his displeasure that the owners have left the house to go to work. But especially the other pet, a full-grown cat, doesn't like the loud noises at all. One reason for the kitty to put an end to the barking.

The young four-legged friend is barking on the bed and can hardly calm down. Being alone in the apartment and then having to deal with an unknown roommate obviously makes the young guy a little nervous. But the loud rally of his anger is quickly put to an end: Suddenly the room tiger jumps elegantly on the bed and just looks at the perplexed dog.

The little screamer sits down promptly and no longer makes a single sound. Even when the velvet paw bounces back on the floor, the fluffy puppy barely makes a sound. Sometimes everything can be said at a glance. Well done, confident cat!

Cute animal encounters between dog and cat

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