Happy dogs: 5 tips for a healthy dog ​​soul

If the basic needs such as eating, sleeping and regular care are met, happy dogs also need a lot of time with their favorite people. If the four-legged friend is often lonely or bored, the sensitive dog soul suffers and the poor four-legged friend can even develop behavioral disorders. "Hui, that's fun!": This is what happy dogs look like - Shutterstock / Denis Babenko

Healthy, happy dogs are the most beautiful thing their human friends could wish for. As a two-legged friend, you can do a lot to ensure that your buddy with his cold muzzle keeps his zest for life for a long time. The following tips are balm for the dog soul:

1. Sufficient time for happy dogs

The top priority for happy dogs is spending time with you. Before you buy, consider whether you are really ready to leave your dog alone for no more than six hours and to walk and play with him at least two, preferably four hours a day.

Especially in the beginning, when a puppy or adult dog has just moved in with you, you have to allow for even more time. After all, you first have to get to know each other and your four-legged friend has to understand the basic rules of upbringing, such as housekeeping, feeding times and important commands. Ideally, plan the arrival of your furry roommate long and carefully in advance and take vacation for the early days.

2. Praise is better than blame

Animals often behave differently than people wish because they simply think differently. Dogs have no evil in mind and do not want to harm you if, from your point of view, they do mischief. Therefore, they often do not understand why you scold them and consider the blame for rejection. Happy dogs are four-legged friends who are often praised. Rather than dominate or punish your dog for unwanted behavior, reward him for doing something right. It doesn't always have to be a treat - friendly words and a sweet "fine" are often enough.

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3. Play, play, play

Exercise and play are not only indispensable for the prevention of overweight, but also important for the healthy dog ​​soul. Happy dogs love to spend time with their two-legged friends and companions and to let off steam in the dog playground, during dog sports or in their own garden.

4. Go for a walk regularly

The daily dog ​​walk is also good for the dog soul, especially if you make the dog walk varied. This way your darling can discover new things, collect unknown impressions and satisfy his curiosity. Furthermore, be aware that the four-legged friend does not like to go for a walk even in hideous weather. At very high or very low temperatures, however, you should take a few protective measures.

5. Clear rules and reliability

For walks, variety is a great thing for happy dogs. In other areas of life, however, four-legged friends feel most comfortable with clear rules and a certain routine. This concerns above all the times of the day for the gas laps and the feeding, which you should always keep as far as possible. But also the principles of training and rules should be clear and understandable for the dog. It is better to choose short but precise basic commands that you practice with your four-legged friend and do not overwhelm him with too much or ambivalent information and signals. Show your furry friend that he can always rely on you.

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