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California Spangled: What is the Cat Breed?

The California Spangled Cat is a cuddly and playful cat breed that is very intelligent. Her short fur is littered with magical polka dots and there are sniffy kitty in all possible colors. Dab, dab, dab! Cute California Spangled cat - Shutterstock / Vasiliy Khimenko

The California Spangled is visually reminiscent of wild cats. Therefore, her original breeder, the American Paul Casey, crossed Abyssinians, Siamese cats, British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Manx cats as well as tabby, silver-colored long-haired cats and various street cats for his new breed of cats in the 1970s.

California Spangled: Speckled cat with pretty spots

The result was a beautiful velvet paw, but it doesn't look exactly like a wildcat. Instead, the short-haired cats with the easy-care, silky fur have different characteristics of the crossed breeds of cats. The most striking thing is her spotted coat, which can be colored in silver gray as well as black, brown, golden, white, blue, bronze and red. The spots are not always round, but can also be triangular, oval or square.

On the other hand, the kitty is striped between the ears, the neck, the legs and the tail. Otherwise, this cat breed is medium-sized, slim and muscular. She has long, strong legs and pronounced cheekbones on the face. The eyes are usually amber in color.

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Affectionate and playful cat breed

With the California Spangled Cat you bring a lovable cat breed into the house. She is very open to people and quickly takes her two-legged friends into the heart. However, this means that she doesn't like being alone and separated from her favorite person. Therefore, allow enough time to play and cuddle with the fur nose. Once a week, the beauty in polka dot dress also enjoys a small wellness treatment with a soft brush.

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