To cuddle! Kittens and puppies get to know each other

Cats and dogs cannot be friends? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! If they get to know each other as babies, as in this video, there is nothing to be said against the beginning of a wonderful animal friendship. Too cute how the tiny black and white mini-kitty and the tiny wauzis carefully sniff at each other and then play with each other in an unbiased manner.

At the beginning, the little cats and mini-dogs are still in their respective transport boxes. Two women put the boxes down and opened the door. What happens next is heart warming! The kittens are a little more brave than the shy dogs and tap curiously out of their crates to inspect the four-legged friends with the cold mustaches. Then the first little dog, a pretty brown-black puppy, dares to approach the fluffy fur noses. Shortly afterwards his comrades follow him.

At first there are still little communication difficulties when the puppies gently poke the kittens with their paws or try to sniff the plush pops of the fleece balls. There is a gentle hiss from the velvet paws. However, when the animals are eating milk together, the little animals get closer and a little later the dog and cat play happily and exuberantly! Just beautiful!

Small fluffiness contest: dogs vs. cats

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