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Help! My dog ​​won't let it go

Typical dog: When you go for a walk, you meet other dogs and off you go - riding up. You don't have to be embarrassed that colloquially known as "ramming" - for dogs it is natural and has nothing to do with bad behavior. Why do some dogs want to keep on riding? - Shuttestock / Liukov

Whether other dogs, a human leg or objects such as balls or pillows - dogs, both males and females, can sometimes not stop riding. If your four-legged friend "shakes", this is often a skipping behavior, for example due to excitement or joy.

When dogs are riding: possible reasons

There are several reasons why dogs can step up. Often it is competing emotions such as stress and joy when a new visitor comes to your home. One or the other dog also "shuffles" to get attention, or when it is not physically balanced, for example, is not up to the task. In addition, feelings such as excitement or anticipation can cause it to spread. Many dog ​​owners see their four-legged friend, for example, in this dog-typical behavior when they pull the leash out for a walk. The reasons can therefore be very diverse. Below you will find out what you can do so that your dog at least restricts the riding a little.

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Can you stop a dog from riding up?

If you catch your four-legged friend in flagranti, the best way to stop the spreading is by drawing their attention to another activity. You should refrain from verbal abuse - after all, your dog does not mean it badly. In the long run, it helps to investigate the reasons for riding up and, if possible, to eliminate them. For example, if your animal friend "shakes" when he is afraid, you should ensure that these situations become more pleasant for him.

If the riding is based on physical demands, you should offer him more activity or movement. In particular, dogs with a great urge to move, such as boxers, must be fully utilized. Basically, however, the following applies: If your dog occasionally "shakes", you usually do not have to intervene or take measures against it. If everything stays in measure, a dog should finally be allowed to be a dog.

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