Buy dog ​​bed: which materials are suitable?

Dog beds are cozy sleeping places for your dog. They offer protection from drafts and sleeping comfort on hard or cold floors. If you want to buy a dog bed, you are spoiled for choice: which material is best suited for a fluffy dog ​​bed? Here are some tips for you. Totally cozy: dog bed for puppies - Image: Shutterstock / Solovyova Lyudmyla

Very young and old dogs in particular appreciate soft surfaces on which they can make themselves really comfortable. In general, to ensure that the dog feels comfortable on its dog bed, you should make sure that the material from which it is made is free of chemicals. If you notice a strong smell on your newly purchased item, you should wash the dog bed one or more times before use. If you want to buy a dog bed, you can also choose between different upper materials and fillings.

Tips for a suitable dog bed: the upper

The upper of a dog bed should be plump warm, but not prone to overheating. Materials such as plush or polyester are cozy, but less suitable for your pet. The dog can get caught in it with its claws and cleaning is also very time-consuming. Washable, low-odor and easy-care materials such as nylon or synthetic leather are more suitable for your dog. Leather is also suitable due to its robustness, but is not quite as easy to care for. Here you can help yourself with a blanket that offers the dog additional warmth and is easier to wash.

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Suitable material for the dog bed: the filling

When buying a dog bed, the filling also plays an important role so that the dog has it comfortably and comfortably. Filling materials such as foam or polystyrene balls, which store and insulate the heat in winter and have a cooling effect in summer, are well suited. If your dog lies down in his dog bed, the material gives way a little and ensures the special lying comfort and a soft position. In addition, these dog beds are particularly durable, so that you and your darling can enjoy them for a long time.

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