Why does a cat have depression? causes

If your cat suddenly withdraws, barely eats or plays, she may be depressed. If the vet can rule out physical causes for the behavioral disorders, you need to go with him to find the cause of the depression - only then can you help your battered velvet paw. Depression in cats can have different causes - Image: Shutterstock / NY IMAGES

The causes of depression in cats can be as varied as in humans. In many cases, the triggers have something to do with drastic changes in the life of the Miez. If you know your house tiger well, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to identify the reason for the depressive behavior.

Possible causes: changes in the environment of the cat

Drastic changes are not popular with cats at all. They attach great importance to routine and everyday rituals. The routine everyday life of a velvet paw is particularly disturbed when you move with the cat. For some cats, changing their place of residence is so bad that they become depressed. The same thing can happen if the owner or mistress suddenly refuses the usual cuddling and petting units to her otherwise beloved pet. Maybe you started a new job and have been away from home much longer than before? This can also affect your little tiger if he is not used to being alone.

Depression after traumatic experiences

Similar to humans, depression in cats can also occur after incisive, traumatic experiences. Regardless of whether a cat was accidentally locked up for a long time (e.g. in a cellar), had to spend some time in a pet boarding house or even a shelter, or was abused - many velvet paws react extremely sensitively to such external influences, possibly even with them depressive behavior. Losing a caregiver or a long-time companion can also lead to depression in cats.

Depression in cats often also has physical causes, such as a serious illness or injury. For example, if the pain after an accident or surgery is hard to bear for the velvet paw, it can happen that it becomes depressed. In the recovery period after complicated surgical procedures, the cat is usually particularly susceptible to this.

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