Shear dog: when is it advisable not to?

Especially in summer, owners quickly think of letting their dog shear. After all, it's so hot and you feel sorry for your dog for panting all the time. With bald shaving you are doing something good for your four-legged friend - right? In fact, your animal friend's shearing needs to be considered carefully! Shearing the dog fur is not always useful - Shutterstock / Baronb

Sheared dogs are a common sight in summer. Sometimes the four-legged friends are barely recognizable after visiting the hairdressing salon and once plush bundles of fur have become dainty shapes. If you are also thinking about shearing your dog, you should first think about whether this is the right thing for your four-legged friend. In the worst case, you can even harm him with such a complete shave.

Shearing can be dangerous

A dog is usually protected from external influences such as moisture, dirt and sun by its fur. If he is shorn, this protection ceases to exist and your darling is exposed to the blazing sun without protection in the hot months. Sunburns can occur, which may even damage hair growth in the long term. Then the fur grows unevenly and no longer offers adequate protection even in winter. Without fur, your dog is also prone to sunstroke or heat stroke.

Dog breeds that swim a lot also need their fur to protect the skin. Go shaved into the water and start to freeze quickly. In addition, top coat and undercoat grow at different speeds and after a few weeks your dog may only be covered with a woolly undercoat. Firstly, he no longer looks like himself, and secondly, he is much less protected from environmental influences than under his top coat.

It depends on the fur

But there are also dog breeds that benefit from regular scissors: If your dog belongs to a breed with fast-growing hair, for example a poodle, do him a favor by visiting the dog salon. The same applies to dogs without hair change, such as Spanish water dogs - since their fur continues to grow and does not fall out, it must be shortened regularly. And even breeds without a lower skin, such as Yorkshire Terriers, usually don't have any problems with regular shearing. So just pay attention to the fur texture of your favorite and if in doubt ask your veterinarian.

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What can I do instead?

If your dog's fur really gets too dense, you can still give him some relief, especially in summer: there is nothing wrong with shortening the top coat. You can also comb out the thick undercoat with a brush. If you want to cool down dogs without going straight to their fur, there are many other options: Make sure you have enough drinking water and, if possible, ramble around in the early morning and late evening hours. In addition, your four-legged friend is sure to enjoy an extensive bath in a stream, lake or river, which he can particularly enjoy when he is still protected by his usual fur.

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