Cat after surgery: 5 tips for a quick recovery

A cat needs special treatment after the operation so that it can recover as quickly as possible. Sometimes the kitty is still a little dazed from the anesthesia or has to be prevented from licking the surgical wound. Your velvet paw will soon be healthy with these tips: The Miez needs a lot of rest after an operation - Shutterstock / Benedictus

Pay attention to your cat's condition after the operation. Depending on the situation, some tips may be more important than others. Otherwise, the fur nose is happy if you spoil it a little.

Calm and love after the operation

Surgery is always very stressful for cats, so the room tigers need a lot of rest after the operation. Try to avoid other stress factors. For example, you might be able to wait a few days before vacuuming, not turning up the radio and television too loudly and postponing any visits.

Be especially nice to your little patient, give him extra pats, his favorite food and set up a nice, cozy place to sleep, where he can rest undisturbed.

Keep the area around the cat clean

So that the wound does not catch fire and heal quickly, it is advisable to clear the area around the cat of dirt as much as possible. Otherwise the wound may become contaminated and the condition of your kitty will deteriorate. In the days following the operation, freelancers should better take care of the apartment and only go outside again when the wound can no longer open.

Basic rules for a healthy cat

Cat owners want their kitty to stay fit and happy for a long time. So that a ...

Neck brace as wound protection

A neck brace can be useful as additional wound protection. It prevents the cat from accidentally licking the seams. However, this "accessory" of your fur nose will not please you because it limits your freedom of movement and is unusual. Therefore, the cervical collar should only be used in an emergency and as short as possible.

Make it easy for the cat

If your kitty is still dazed from the anesthesia after the operation, has received a paw bandage or is wearing a neck brace, she cannot climb, jump and curl up in small corners as usual. Sometimes the cat still has pain after the operation. Therefore, set up a low, easily accessible sleeping area or build small stairs and climbing aids that she can climb easily so that she does not have to jump.

What to do with other pets

Try to keep other pets away from your animal patient during the recovery period if they are too stormy. An operated velvet paw really can not use a cat dispute after the veterinarian, because it could mean stress and endanger wound healing. Also take care of small children who may want to play or cuddle with the freshly operated velvet paw. Explain to them in detail that the kitty needs a lot of rest over the next few days.

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